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2022 Global Business Award from Corp Today Magazine for Best in Executive Coaching

Dr. Elizabeth Fried

Known affectionately  as "The Heat-Seeking Missile,"  Elizabeth's no-nonsense approach gets to the heart of the matter to help you move forward

Recipient of three 2021 Global Business Awards: Most Outstanding in Executive Coaching, Best in Executive Coaching - San Diego, and Best Training Services Provider - West  USA

Named for five consecutive years in the San Diego Business Journal's Book of Lists (2016-2020) as among the top 15 Executive Training Firms in the area

Located in Carlsbad - San Marcos (San Diego), California and serving national and international markets

"When Elizabeth and I began working together, the company was in the process of being acquired.  With any acquisition there is always a certain level of turmoil, and we were no different. We experienced significant changes in our culture that affected not only the way we did business but also created dramatic increases in the environmental pace and workforce expectations.  Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me pilot the company to achieve a safe landing through this stormy time.  In doing so, she provided the tough feedback necessary to keep me focused on the organization’s goals.  She consistently held my feet to fire, and did so with humor and sincere encouragement.  For me, she was most valuable in her uncanny ability to quickly synthesize the dynamics of whatever was going on at the moment and simplify it, allowing me to step back and broaden my perspective.   Then she would provide me the precise tools I needed to effectively  address the situation.  I truly appreciated our time together.  I learned a lot, laughed a lot (often at myself), and believe I am a more successful leader because of it." 

 –Brad Lee, President, Breg, Inc., Carlsbad, CA 

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"At the time I engaged Elizabeth Fried, my company was growing fast. So why did I need a coach?  For the first 10 years as a co-founder and entrepreneur, I wore many hats, taking on the lion’s share of the operational, sales and marketing roles. Now that I had a competent leadership team to manage these functions, I asked myself, “Where do I fit in?”  Elizabeth helped me to realize that I still had a very important role, just a different one.  I began to recognize that for senior management to drive and meet the organization’s goals, they needed a highly strategic leader whose vision and core values focused on their development.  My role now was to help them become better thinkers and leaders.  To accomplish this, Elizabeth designed our sessions to build my skills and confidence.  She challenged me to stretch my thinking about the business, face conflict fearlessly, and inspire my staff by improving my communication style and skills.  She always held me accountable.  Finally, I am pleased to report that our business is doing great and I feel more prepared and confident as a leader."

–David Duong, CEO, SHOEMETRO, San Diego, CA  (UPDATE:  One year after completing our coaching engagement, David sold his company to DSW for $62.5 Million--I'm so proud of him!)

"At the start of my coaching sessions with Elizabeth, my company was suffering from low morale, an uninspired culture, and an undefined mission. The force behind these headwinds was my leadership style, or lack thereof. I routinely held any and all decisions to myself, despite the fact that doing so would pull me away from being a true leader that would further the company as a whole. Through 18 months of coaching with Elizabeth, I am happy to say that I am surrounded by an ideal set of staff members who I can depend on through mutual trust. I am able to value their feedback and input as I continue to grow into the leader that my company needs. Morale has significantly increased. We have a list of core values, a defined mission statement, and a clear vision as to where we are headed next. This has led us to refine many of our current processes and also develop exciting new ventures within our existing business that will propel the company to new levels in the future" 

–Ryan Nelson, President, MerchConnections, San Diego, CA   

"I started my search for an executive coach as I wanted to continue to expand my career path and be an executive leader, but not lose the "true me" (in other words, not turn into a corporate suit). Elizabeth has done a tremendous job with her approach & feedback; she is dependable and available for meetings, and everything is working!!! In my most recent encounter with executives, my CEO and President both commented on how they could see my coaching is working. So, if you choose Elizabeth, you are choosing right!"

–Wes Smith,  Market President, Conviva, a Division of Humana, San Antonio, TX   

"Elizabeth, thank you for all the support in preparing me for my transition from the military to the civilian sector. I could not have done this without your incredible leadership, mentorship and genuine care. You helped me grow professionally in ways I could never imagine. I truly appreciated your “no-nonsense” style of coaching and your immediate attention to my problem areas. At the end of the day, you made me better and I can’t thank you enough. If anyone is looking to improve their professional capabilities and leadership, pick Elizabeth, it is the best decision you will ever make!"

–Ted Bucierka, Retired Lt. Col. - Marine Raider, SIP Training Manager, Anduril Industries, San Juan Capistrano, CA   

It's been said, "No one ever made it to the Olympics without a coach." The same is true of high achievers who want to win at their chosen field and reach their career dreams.  Are you a business owner, executive, or professional who is looking for an executive coaching firm that will give you lots of choices and help you sort through sensitive and difficult leadership challenges?  Have you recently been promoted and need to refine your executive presence and leadership skills?  Or, are you in the sports or entertainment fields and want to expand your business opportunities? Would you like someone genuinely in your corner—a coaching firm with a team of highly experienced professionals  who will support your executive development needs and give you practical tools to courageously face down and conquer obstacles as you work on your leadership development?  Then begin a journey with Dr. Elizabeth Fried and her all-star executive coaching company team.  With corporate headquarters located in San Diego County, California, in the Carlsbad - San Marcos area, top executive coach, In 2021 Elizabeth received three Global Business Awards: Most Outstanding in Executive Coaching, Best in Executive Coaching - San Diego, and Best Training Services Provider - West  USA.  In  2012 for third year running she was ranked as among the top 15 most influential executive coaches  in the world by CoachingGurus.org, and listed in 2016-2020 by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the top15 executive development companies in the greater San Diego area. She and her international team of executive coaches will skillfully help you gain personal insight and challenge you to be your best as you work toward achieving your objectives. 

Going deep to get the results you want takes courage and practice.  Do you have the courage?  Are you willing to spend the time on yourself, and on others, to achieve what you want?  If the answer is "yes," we invite you to take the first step and begin a coaching program with our executive coaching firm.  It will be the best investment you have ever made in yourself.

If you visit me in person, I provide a relaxing, comfortable place for us to meet and discuss your needs.  If we meet by Zoom, I'll be talking to you from my office.   Whichever you choose, I promise that you will receive my full attention and the focus will always be on you.

If you aren't sure what executive coaching can do for you, please view the testimonials below to get a feel for my  experience, style, and process.

PS.  Beginning in 2022, I will offer two partial scholarships a year for those people whose corporation do not offer financial support for your growth and development.  Once you identify your budget, I will match it, and we will determine if we can configure a program to fit your needs.   Contact me directly at to see if you qualify.

Remember, you have to go deep and be courageous if you want to emerge a winner! Give us a call directly at 760-598.8888 to set up an appointment for a complimentary half hour conversation.


What others are saying:

"I originally hired Dr. Elizabeth Fried to provide executive coaching for executives on our staff. After some initial meetings with her, I was convinced that I should be the first subject in order to alleviate fears among our team. My experience was stellar. I confirmed to my team that Dr. Fried would provide coaching in a supportive, non-judgmental, and totally confidential atmosphere. More importantly, she could help slice through issues, identify needed behavioral changes and work with the executive team to transform them into more effective leaders. Dr. Fried makes you look at the real you and holds you accountable for changes that you need to make. For many leaders, there are few who you can trust to tell you like it is and help you improve. She is one of them. Not only is she an expert  executive coach, she defines the qualities I really want in my inner circle: honesty, trustworthiness and help."

–Robert Westfall, President, Solatube, International - Headquartered in Vista, CA

"Thank you again for  for your incredible support. You are #1 in helping me grow professionally over the last ten years into what I am today. #2 is Judith Glaser who got into my face about writing a book on numerology, which I'm working on, but  because of her confrontive conversation with me, she sparked a more creative response to sharing my insightful numerology skills with the world. You two stood up to me, and I listened.

Very few people can help me because they are not working at the level I am thinking, but you two have rocked my life and been heavy influencers. Thank you for loving me so much and being so loyal to my actual (not understood) potential. I feel very blessed to finally have two powerful mentors at the right time in my life. I thank myself for listening. I thank you for being so direct and articulate."

–Timi Gleason, CIQ Certified Executive/Leadership Coach and Owner/Creater of Soulworks Maps,  San Diego, CA

"As a result of coaching with Elizabeth Fried, I'm a more considerate and thoughtful leader who has gained a better understanding of my staff's leadership styles as well as my own. Her firm also provided a separate coach for one of our executives who enjoyed the process and  received numerous positive benefits toward advancing critical leadership skills.    All in all we received a very clear return on our investment."

–David Fitzgibbons, Vice President U.S. Operations, Wawanesa Insurance,  San Diego, CA

"I spent a year coaching with Elizabeth Fried during perhaps one of the most tumultuous and complicated periods of my career.  I was transitioning from owning and operating a successful action sports management agency to taking on a much broader role as CEO of Dyrdek Enterprises.  Drydek Enterprises has multiple divisions with lots of moving parts, requiring strong leadership.  During our sessions, Elizabeth helped me to navigate these waters and make a smooth transition without feeling overwhelmed.  This allowed me to maintain my resolve and keep moving forward.  Her piercing questions and ability to grasp my dilemma quickly, helped me to blend the execution of the intense day-to-day operations, yet stay focused on being both visionary and strategic.  Additionally, she also gave me perspective on how to maintain a happy family life while undergoing this challenge.  I truly appreciated that she never let me off the hook and always held me accountable, making it very clear she authentically cared about my success.  It is my pleasure to recommend her to any executive who wants to become a more effective leader."

 –Paul Conroy, CEO, Dyrdek Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

"Bottom line, if you want to be a stronger leader, a better leader for the people for whom you are responsible, then spend time with Elizabeth.  During the first sessions, Elizabeth gathered insights about me, through self-assessments and feedback from co-workers.  From there, Elizabeth provided valuable coaching as we worked through those areas for improvement and strengths to leverage.  Elizabeth is an excellent communicator, and she provided me with the tools to be a more effective and impactful speaker.  One of the most important areas we worked on was how to be the best coach and mentor for my employees, so that they can reach their own potential as organizational leaders.  And that is something that all of us can and should do more of.  Each time we met, Elizabeth provided insights that were tangible and actionable.  In many cases, we worked through how best to utilize those insights for current events at work.  Elizabeth doesn’t pull any punches, she is candid and straight up with you, tackling head-on with you those areas you know you need to improve and challenging you with new skills to take advantage of.   I believe whoever engages her as a coach will find these life-long skills as valuable as I have found them to be."

 –Geoff Siegel, VP Innovation, Breg, Inc., Carlsbad, CA 

Dr. Fried's professional insight and experience resulted in helping me at an important time for the company and my leadership role, both current and future.  Her coaching allowed me to take an objective look at myself as a leader and taught me powerful communications skills, which resulted in significant external partnerships for my company.  Her analysis and guidance became strategic regarding reviewing goals and where I lead the company as well as how I coach staff for positive performance.   Additionally, she provided solid advice on companywide succession planning which ensures the company's success into the future.  I sincerely appreciated my time with her. 

–Cindy Haren, President and CEO, Western Dairy Association, Greeley, CO

“Elizabeth is a rare individual who has deep expertise, high integrity and an understanding of the human condition that makes her highly capable of providing consulting and top executive coaching services. We worked with her executive coaching firm more than once when I was the Global HR Business Partner at SAP and subsequently in my current role at ACCO Brands.  In all cases she was able to traverse the specific challenges we were encountering and design an outstanding solution. She brings new solutions and new learnings to those being coached and everyone she comes in contact with throughout the engagement. She is a true professional and an excellent person. I give my highest possible recommendation to Elizabeth and her executive coaching company without reservation."

–Sean Nelson, Vice President, Global Talent Management and HR Shared Services, ACCO Brands, International, Headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL

"Within the first month of working with your executive coaching firm, I  began to see changes that allowed me to accomplish things with more ease and  efficiency. The music business requires flexibility, creativity, and focus--with often impossible deadlines. I'm now able to balance these pieces with much less stress. This enabled me to not only satisfy clients but also strengthen my bottom line—and this year's numbers are proof, nearly doubling those of last year!  I truly appreciate all that you have done to help me achieve this goal."

–Carlos Castro, Owner and Producer, Watersound Productions, Los Angeles, CA

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Executive Coaching Starts With YOU

Executive coaching is a present-centered program of what it is you and your business want to achieve, how we are going to achieve it, when we are going to achieve it and all the steps we are going to take in getting there.

Let us take an experiment with our Executive Coaching programs to examine what it might take for you to benefit from an executive coach :

  1. Be willing to change. Shortcuts are never an option, if you are not 100% committed to making the effort it will not work.

  2. Be open to constructive criticism. This feedback is imperative for improvement. It is always very hard to see yourself as others see you.

  3. Measure yourself accurately. We will look into the insight from those around you that work for you. Always looking for honest feedback to better aid where we stand.

  4. The difficult truth is, we seldom listen. We must learn to listen to feedback.

An executive coach helps you take charge of your reality: not dance around it.

We require that you ask yourself difficult questions about who you are. This requires time and it all depends on how eager you are to change.


By honestly following through we can ensure better quality and results through our executive coaching programs.


How does having an executive coach sound?


In today’s Companies, executives are in need of new tools to create and utilize the power of collective human behaviors. Consider this, if the results you’re receiving are not the results you expect then maybe it is time for change.


Many high profile executives such as Jack Welch and Michael Dell have realized that people need Coaching. Why? Because it takes courage to change.

Galileo said, "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

My question to you is: how soon are you willing to do something?


Keep In Mind about Executive Coaching...

  • Executive Coaching  is not for everyone.  Do don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work out.  Instead, focus on finding a the right fit with your coach.  You're going to be doing a lot of work on yourself, so it's important to have someone you trust.

  • Executive coaching isn't for every business because the culture must support it.. 

  • Executive coaching can be a leading way to aid in your business success.

Contact us at 760-598.8888.


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