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N. Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D.

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Executive Coaching Team

An executive coaching firm with two dozen professionals and growing...

    Ranked as among the top 15 executive coaching firms in the world, My Executive Coach proudly brings you a stellar team of master executive coaches from which to choose for large scale projects.  These highly skilled professionals have broad-ranging domestic and international experience focused on  coaching C-Suite and Senior Executive level individuals.  They focus on leadership development and corporate strategy and are ideal matches for your CEO, president and other top-level executives.  To broaden our services as an executive coaching company, we've recently added a coaching sub-specialty to address needs of Generation Y "Millennials." If your organization has been  struggling for ways to more effectively connect with this group, we can help.
    Review the names of our executive coaching team, select one and scan the highlights.  For more in-depth bios, feel free to download the PDF, containing a 3-6 page in-depth review of their respective backgrounds.  To learn more about the services provided by the firm, click on one of the links above or, if they are not visible on this page, visit My Executive Coach.

Anne Miller, MBA Equivalent (Sloan Fellow)

 Anne Miller is best known for her action-oriented with the key premise that it is far easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting.  She is distinguished by her ability to assist individuals and multi-cultural teams achieve step changes in performance while advancing their leadership capability faster than many others.  She skillfully helps them design new futures and then build the behaviors and working practices to realize those futures.  Anne typically combines 360 feedback, peer feed forward processes and behavioral assessments in her coaching process.  For teams she has developed the Action LabÔ to address the integration of accelerated results and leadership development.  She is committed to leaving her clients more capable to sustain achieving the futures they desire.

As well as an executive coach, Anne is a facilitator, consultant and educator with over 35 years of professional experience.  She is both a UK and US citizen and has worked with executives and their teams committed to going beyond their past successes in diverse cultures and industries. She has led successful leadership development and organizational transformation efforts for Fortune 500 companies in Europe, Latin America, United States and Southeast Asia.  Anne has worked with two leading business schools in the design and implementation of new programs to address leadership challenges and entrepreneurship.

 Anne is co-author, with Richard Pascale of “Acting Your Way Into a New Way of Thinking”, Leader to Leader, and “Action Lab: Greenhouse for Change”, Strategy and Business.  She is qualified to deliver the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Hogan Leadership Assessments, the Bar-On Emotional Intelligence Inventory and the Human Performance Institute program of full engagement.

She was a Sloan Fellow at London Business School, graduating with Merit and received her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Colorado College. Anne is certified with the World Association of Business Coaches and in the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Process.

 Key Highlights:

·        Designed and delivered a leadership development program to top women in a Fortune 100 company to boost the pool of women available for senior roles during a time of growth. Coached individuals, cohort groups and a team of 12-15 women during three cycles. Graduates of the program became peers to work with the next level of women in the company.  Results so far include a high percentage of promotions, job expansions and an expressed increase in the joy these women experience through their mutual coaching exchanges to further their growth as leaders in the company and society.

·       Coached an executive in a Fortune 100 Healthcare company to improve his communication skills, develop his team and model leadership practices that allowed him to stand out for added responsibility. The result was improved satisfaction and performance of his team, his manager and a subsequent promotion to a head up a new business line.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Brett Avner, Ph.D.

Brett Avner brings a true sense of commitment to all coaching assignments and seeks a tangible "return on your investment".

Brett has served on executive management teams, partnered with CEOs and Board members, and has led large scale initiatives that required strong change management and organizational alignment skills. He maintains a contemporary and progressive view of roles and opportunities for senior management to become exemplary leaders, and has been consistently recognized for his contributions in aligning HR strategies and initiatives with organization’s goals to drive outstanding business results.

Brett has continuously demonstrated an ability to embrace organizations’ missions and foster cultures that support these missions in each organization where he has held senior executive positions. Brett’s education, a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, has proven to be of great utility and value and a perfect complement to his career in human resources.

 Key Highlights:

·        Current executives coached through critical development periods: Chief Global Marketing Officer: PEPSI; Chief Financial Officer: AMERICAN EAGLE: SVP Global Sourcing: WALMART; President: VICTORIA'S SECRET STORES; VP Talent Development:  LIMITEDBRANDS 

·       Member of the executive team at Victoria’s Secret Stores that created one of the world renowned brands from a retail store chain through sustained high quality talent/leadership – all aligned around a unified vision, which was reflected in profitability and sales growth for over a decade.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Brett Mallory Miles, MS                                 

Brett is known for Empowering Leadership™ through his cutting edge, transformational coaching and executive team building.  Brett helps clients and their teams “be” the leaders they want to be. The principles that underpin Empowering Leadership™ enable clients to design and experience superior performance.  These five principles serve as the foundation for being empowered: Responsibility, Commitment, Authenticity, Contribution, and Getting Buy-In. 

Developing how a leader is “being” comes first.  What they “do” is formed by how they are being.  The coaching focuses on “ways of being” that enable clients to achieve the success they desire because it integrates both the things to do with the ways to be.  The combination of inner and outer development supports whole-person performance.  This comprehensive, balanced, and inclusive coaching practice is the 21st Century approach to superior leadership.

Brett has Fortune 500 sales, management and leadership experience in the business services and technology sectors with Oracle, Lockheed’s CalComp, Control Data Corporation, and the United States Army where he served as a Captain. 

Brett’s experience includes executive coaching, facilitation of group development sessions, and consulting.  He works within a variety of industries especially Entertainment, Technology, Finance, Consumer Products, and Commercial Real Estate.


Brett is a Ph.D. student in Human and Organizational Development at the Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California. He holds a Masters in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors in Social and Behavioral Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University.  

As an Executive Coach, Brett is a certified through the International Coaching Federation and Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence Based Coaching Master’s level program.  He continues to expand himself through experiencing transformational programs and coaching.  He is certified in a variety of assessment areas that include behaviors, motivators, thinking acumen, competencies, emotional intelligence (EQ), ASSESS® 360 surveys, and FIRO-B.

Brett is co-author of the book, Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed.  He is co-writing a book due out in 2013 titled Leadership in the Mirror.

Key Highlights:

·       Currently coaching an EVP of Human Resources & Administration to build a culture of a nearly $3B company that embraces the strategic and practical contributions of a strong HR team.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Carolyn Feuille, M.S., M.A.  

Diversity is what sets people apart. Yet it’s also what can bring us together for unsurpassed productivity and results. Carolyn Feuille has helped make it happen in numerous companies around the world. As a coach, training consultant, and organization development practitioner, she is committed to pluralism and intercultural effectiveness. And she brings that knowledge and expertise to global managers —whether American or foreign-born. Her important work with these global leaders has enabled them to develop and enhance the leadership and communication skills necessary for effectively conducting business across borders and engaging multicultural teams to collaborate. She enjoys coaching and training clients to gain new perspectives so they can take appropriate action to leverage higher levels of performance.

Along with being a certified global leadership and career coach, Carolyn is a master trainer.  She has designed and conducted corporate training courses ranging from leadership skills and advanced communication skills, to internal quality system auditing, to train-the-trainer.  Due to her consulting experience in high-tech organizations, she applies a deep understanding of fast-paced, results-driven corporate environments and challenges to her projects. Clients who work with Carolyn receive objective feedback, discover fresh perspectives, and make measurable, achievable plans to meet their goals. She helps her clients turn knowledge and awareness into practical, effective action.

Carolyn received her M.S. degree from Golden Gate University in HR Management/Organization Development and an M.A. degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from UCLA.  She is also a graduate of Corporate CoachU International.  She is certified in several psychometric instruments such as FiroB and Cultural Orientations Indicator, and is the co-author of PolarisŇ Global Leadership 360° Assessment in which she certifies global coaches.  She speaks French fluently and earned the Diplôme Supérieur de Français des Affaires granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.

 Key Highlights:

  • Provided coaching to a manager in a public utility to successfully run a campaign to get promoted to the level of director.  Our coaching enabled him to learn how to navigate the organizational politics and gain needed support from key stakeholders to reach his goal.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Ronni Hendel-Giller

Ronni Hendel-Giller is a coach and facilitator with over 15 years of experience in organizational leadership roles, including over five years at a VP level. Ronni has worked with clients across the United States and in Asia. She has a talent for guiding leaders towards realizing their full potential and is known for bringing thinking from multiple disciplines and perspectives, such as neuroscience, mindfulness and adult development theory, to bear on leadership and organizational issues and challenges.  

Ronni knows how to listen—and to ask penetrating questions. She is able to help her clients quickly get to the root of a challenge and powerfully move towards action.  Ronni recognizes that leadership involves putting one’s self on the line—and is able to help those she works with to balance the personal and professional dimensions of leadership.  

Ronni is committed to the premise that leadership can be learned, that people can make significant, lasting changes in their lives and their work that will increase their personal and professional effectiveness—and ensure the success of their organizations. Harnessing that ability to change and grow is at the heart of what Ronni does.  Ronni holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an MS in Instructional and Performance Technology, and is certified in coaching by the NeuroLeadership Group.

Key Highlights:

  • As Vice President, Maritz Motivation Solutions, Ronni developed and led a team of training and development professionals to support a varied portfolio of training initiatives for Toyota, Honda and Nissan, resulting in growth from $6M to $20M annually over her tenure. Her unit consistently saw the lowest turnover rates and highest employee engagement scores within her Maritz business unit due to her commitment to actively coaching and developing both core and contingent staff.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Christine McDougall, BA App. Sci. (Chiro), MCC

Christine McDougall is an authority on authentic communication and leadership and a global pioneer in the fields of executive coaching and leader development. With clients located throughout Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific, she continues to coach Fortune 500 Senior Executives, Board Directors and CEOs, high-net worth individuals, award-winning business and social entrepreneurs and some of Australia’s most accomplished athletes.

 Christine is not only Australiasia’s first Master Certified Coach (MCC), but also a powerful teacher and considered a luminary in coaching field, which she has helped shape and steward for over 14 years. This has included various leadership roles such as: Founding President of the International Coach Federation (Australasia); past Board Director and Vice President of the International Coach Federation (USA); Founding Member of the International Consortium for Coaches in Organizations; Editorial Board, International Journal of Coaching in Organizations.

 Known as a global innovator, she helps leaders, their organizations and communities work together to address their toughest problems and create collective alignment against all odds. Her coaching style enables powerful and rigorous human development by embracing the whole person, guided by a commitment to the application of more integral approaches to sustaining change. Her sessions have been described as “the perfect double-espresso – a delicious jolt that will fire the brain, awaken your consciousness, stir your soul and get you moving.” 

 Informing her holistic approach to facilitating change has been her involvement in the wellness industry for over 25 years, having helped launch Australia’s first luxury health resort, Camp Eden. Christine is also an accomplished athlete, having completed over 16 marathons (including the famous Boston, NYC and Chicago Marathons), 6 ultra-marathons and an Ironman Triathlon.

 She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Majoring in Chiropractic.

 Key Highlights:

As a Coach, Christine  is credited with supporting:

·    A senior executive in a major Australian Bank outperform all of his peers and advance to a Group 1 role in 2 years, overcoming his initial experience of ‘imposter syndrome’ as a non-banker.

For additional highlights and full bio...

DP Waldman, PCC, BCC

DP Waldman specializes in business and organizational coaching - drawing on fourteen years of professional coaching experience and a background in business management, marketing and personal development - to help leaders and managers improve inter-personal relationships, develop executive presence and increase emotional intelligence.  He works effectively across cultures and industries, and has delivered over 3,500 hours of professional coaching.

From over 30 years' experience in business management, marketing and coaching, DP combines a well-grounded business sense with intuition and insight, and challenges his clients to develop themselves as leaders and role models.  Among his clients and colleagues he has earned a reputation as an exceptionally insightful, wise and compassionate coach.

DP attended UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz.  He is credentialed both as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Board Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing and Education. His niche is in helping leaders and managers to improve interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace, by helping them to better understand themselves, the differences between people and how to make adjustments for greater impact.  He supports clients in dealing with the recurrence of difficult patterns that get in the way of clear communication, managing effectively and overall business performance.

DP has worked both in the US and internationally in the following industries: Publishing, Transportation, High Tech, Telecom, Healthcare, Professional Sales, Entertainment, Real Estate, Energy, Foods, Hospitality and Retail.  

 Key Highlights:

As a Coach, DP Waldman is credited with supporting:

·    A newly appointed COO of a $200 MM publisher in her onboarding transition, which included a sizable restructuring of the company’s geographically dispersed senior leadership team. Mr. Waldman also worked with each member of her senior team during and after the re-structuring. He also coached one of her key departmental teams into increased functionality, by working both individually and collectively with members of that team.

 For additional highlights and full bio...

Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Fried is best known for helping her clients quickly achieve insight and move to action for improved individual and corporate performance.  Named in 2010, 2011 and again in 2012 as one of the world's top 15 most influential executive coaches by Coaching Gurus, she has an uncanny ability see what others can’t and has honed her talents to bring these insights to her clients.  She skillfully helps them focus on solutions rather than problems.  This keeps conversations at a high level to avoid getting lost in the details.  Elizabeth typically combines 360 feedback, behavioral assessments and current neuroscience research in her coaching process.  She is committed to helping her clients use their brain power in new ways so they can efficiently achieve the lasting results they desire.

Elizabeth is an author and former compensation consultant.  She has been president of N. E. Fried and Associates, Inc., since 1983, dba The Learning Engine.  The firm has served over 1500 client companies with its compensation research, leadership training, and software products and services. The firm was named in 2016 and 2017  as among the top 12 executive training companies in the San Diego Business Journal's Book of Lists.  She is author of two books (one a Society of HR Management bestseller, which has been used as a supplemental text in HR graduate programs), and she recently contributed chapters to Extreme Excellence (2008) and Coaching for Success (2009).  My Executive Coach is a division of the firm, which maintains strategic alliances with over a dozen of the country’s top executive coaches.  Elizabeth and her select team of coaches have added significant value to executives at companies both nationally and internationally.

Elizabeth received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and obtained her Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation from the Center for Credentialing and Education.

Key Highlights:

·        Successfully provided coaching to the Sr. HR Leader of a two billion dollar office products manufacturer and distributor emerging from the brink of bankruptcy to strengthen his communication and delegation skills. This enabled him to effectively reorganize, empower, and mentor staff, helping them to adapt to rapid change and think strategically.

·        Coached the CEO of a major aerospace contractor to improve performance of his top team and set the tone for best leadership practices throughout the organization resulting in lower turnover, reduced absenteeism, and fewer employee complaints.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Eric Kaufmann, CMC

Eric Kaufmann draws on two decades of successful experience in sales, management, and training for companies such as 3M/Lanier and Corning Clinical Laboratories. His coaching clients become better leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results. His work focuses on blending strategic thinking with managing uncertainty and personal development. His clients range from Sony Electronics, Alcon Laboratories, T-Mobile , PETCO and Cox Communications, to Scripps Bank, and UCSD. 

Eric teaches leadership and coaching programs at San Diego State University and is a Group Chair and Speaker for Vistage International. Eric is an Executive Coach, Certified Management Consultant, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Scuba diving Instructor. He holds a BA in International Business and graduate education in Psychology.

A native of Israel, Eric lived and worked in South Africa before settling in San Diego, CA. He brings an insightful, diverse, and global approach to his work; a work which is deeply influenced and enriched by 24 years of meditation practice.

Key Highlights:

·        Successfully provided coaching and OD interventions to Multinational Pharmaceutical Company striving to create global consistency in management and development practices.

·        Developed an integrated Leadership Development Pathway for global District Managers. The customized coaching model and process facilitated managers to become skilled at developing teams with a consistent and effective coaching approach.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Jan Thompson, PCC

Jan Thompson is a Leadership coach with over thirty five years of business experience working with corporate professionals.  She offers leadership development coaching to leaders in a wide array of areas such as high technology, professional services consulting, biotechnology, financial services and others.

Recent neuroscience research has dramatically changed how Jan approaches behavioral change with her clients, focusing more on leveraging strengths and establishing new behaviors to build an inner foundation for outward results.  Her clients report that they make lasting changes in the way they approach their careers and their jobs.

As a former line manager of a $180 million international corporation, she is experienced with both startup and growth situations.  Consulting with over 1000 executives and professionals, using 360-degree feedback, career counseling and other methods, has also given Jan a unique background as a coach to high potentials and managers. 

She has a B.A. in English from the University of Houston with advanced studies in Psychology and Business.  She is a Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C.) with re-certification from The International Coach Federation required every third year.

Key Highlights: 

·        Provided leadership coaching over a 13-year period to the San Diego, CA senior leadership team and identified high potentials of a $6 billion consulting firm.  This highly analytical group made the shift to a participative culture and currently lead their local market.

·        Jan’s expertise at writing Coaching Plans that help clients achieve their goals was recognized recently by Experian Corporation. She authored all examples of coaching plans for their Employee Development Resource Guide.

For additional highlights and full bio...

John C. Heinritz

John C. Heinritz is a professionally trained and experienced executive coach who blends over thirty years of global leadership experience and expertise in the Consumer Products and Services segments.   His no-nonsense pragmatic approach, insightful ability to give feedback supported by his laser instinct and courage to identify what matters most resonates well with A-players seeking to learn and grow.  John is most useful to executives and business people who are overcoming critical hurdles, self-derailment issues or facing junctures in their business or careers.  His passion is for helping leaders achieve their full potential, guiding them through a process of finding their career “sweet spot” while appreciating their life balance objectives.  John is quick to establish a trusting and open relationship with clients allowing for authentic, productive and caring dialogue.  His extensive network and natural curiosity has kept him in touch with the demands of today’s business environment enabling him to both appreciate client issues within the current environment and guide clients in developing effective strategies for success. 

John’s executive level experience as international division head at Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Polaroid Corp. built a solid foundation for his leadership coaching and understanding of varied corporate and regional cultures. He also led the travel/hospitality sector of JD Power & Associates where he made board level presentations making recommendations for improved customer focus.  

He holds a business degree from the College of Santa Fe; he completed the Executive Program at the Kellogg School, Northwestern University, a certificate program and has attended programs at the Aspen Institute.  He received his coach training at the Adler School of Professional Coaching.  He is certified in the MBTI, Hay ECI 360, FEBI and is a trained group process facilitator.

Key Highlights:

·        Coached the CMO of the second largest brand, with $6.7B in annual sales, within the fast-food category.  This extended assignment was directed at over-coming leadership style issues that were limiting the client’s ability to transition the brand, develop a strong team and work successfully within the senior executive team.

·        Completed a series of successful coaching assignments with one of the top three accounting firms seeking to prepare their high potentials for potential Partnership roles.  This included working with minorities both here and overseas.  Part of the assignment included telephone coaching with a client in China.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Jordan Goldrich, LCSW, BCC

Jordan Goldrich is best known for helping executives get results while developing their organizations, employees and themselves. He helps directors and managers develop the strategic, self-management and people skills to be successful in their positions and get promoted. A specialist in resolving workplace conflict, Jordan helps senior teams reduce the loss of money, people and productivity associated with ineffective management and collaboration.

Jordan draws on his experience as a Chief Operations Officer, a Master Coach for a major national coaching firm, a licensed therapist, a Certified Employee Assistance Professional and a Board Certified Executive Coach to provide savvy insights and to bring leading edge business, leadership and organization development processes and tools to his clients. These include strategy, performance management, leadership and management development, cross functional team problem solving and customer service.

Jordan customizes the executive and leadership coaching process to the unique needs of each client. Options include 360 feedback, personality and communication style assessments and interviews with key stakeholders and customers. He is certified in the Center for Creative Leadership’s suite of 360 assessment tools as well as DISC, Meyers-Briggs, FIRO-B, California Personality Inventory, Workplace Big Five Profile and others.

Jordan received his Masters in Counseling and Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. He received his BA in Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He completed the coach education program at the Coaches Training Institute in San Raphael, CA. and the Executive Coaching program at B\Coach Systems LLC.

Jordan is Past President of the San Diego Chapter of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association (PCMA).  His article, “Coaching: A Map of The Territory” is featured in PCMA’s publication: Coaching for the New Century.

 Key Highlights:

·        Provided leadership coaching to two fast track Senior Vice Presidents in a $1 trillion investment firm. Both were promoted after 6 months. Currently working with three additional executives.

·        Provided leadership coaching to a very valuable Global Director of Research and Development for a 3 billion dollar manufacturing company to enhance team building and cross functional collaboration skills.

For additional highlights and full bio..

Judith C. Spear, MS, CMC

Judi Spear’s career includes more than two decades in medium and large corporate environments where she gathered invaluable experience to pave the way to create her successful management consulting practices.   Since 1996, she has worked with more than 30,000 executives, managers and administrators in the public & private sector as a facilitator or executive coach.   She provides leadership coaching with a focus on strengths identification and development toward improved business results. Her clients represent a wide array of top leadership positions in many areas, such as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, utilities, education & non-profits.

Judi quickly understands her clients by using her extensive experience with personality and behavioral inventories.  This enables her to fully engage them while they discover key insights that lead to meaningful change.   Through her coaching they resolve issues problematic throughout their career.   Her strategy is to coach them to an understanding of how their strengths can help manage their challenges in a way that feels natural.   This leads to more effective behaviors, results and lasting improvements.

Judi holds a B.A. in Business Administration and English Literature and an M.S. degree in Communication and Organizational Development.  She is a graduate of the Center for Creative Leadership and a facilitator for Vistage International (TEC) on the topic of Emotional Intelligence.   She is certified by the Institute of Management Consultants, headquartered in Washington, DC.

Key Highlights:

·         Provided conflict resolution in a consumer-services firm, coaching the CIO to work more effectively with a strategic partner during a major technology transfer slowed by heightened competition and conflict. 

·         Provided business & leadership coaching to leaders in a major Health Services firm during a time of significant change in business strategy (nine executives including the CEO).

For additional highlights and full bio...

Julie LaCroix, MA

Julie LaCroix is a career counselor and professional career development coach for emerging professionals in growing organizations.  She has been guiding executives as they pursue their livelihoods and their passions throughout her career.  A former Wall Street recruiter for nearly a decade, she discovered that her own sense of purpose was firmly grounded in helping talented individuals strengthen and define their personal stories as they climbed the ladders of success.

Julie brings to the impressive distinction of being part of the launch team for Bloomberg’s electronic trading platform for the equity markets, as she leveraged her professional trading expertise with Merrill Lynch. Her proficiency in this category of software dovetailed with her interest in executive potential and achievement, which launched her in the field of executive search. With an M.A. Ed in Educational Counseling from Azusa Pacific University, and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Irvine, Julie contributes a unique understanding of real-world business experience and the underlying motivation that drives professionals to make the right career choices.

 As she engages with her clientele, she helps identify and develop the tools needed for each client to differentiate themselves and maximize their potential. She customizes each client’s career management strategies based upon helping them define and focus their expertise and present it effectively. She guides their career development and advancement through identification of work values, perception management and goal attainment. Julie is a firm believer that each professional has his or her own intersection where livelihood and greater purpose meet.

 Key Highlights:

·         Julie has coached more than 20 professionals at a major Southern California professional investment services firm.  Her background in this industry combined with her comprehensive approach to career development has helped this company attain a high level of productivity and improvement in their young employee base.  Julie has been able to help these professionals manage their image, advance toward their goals, and has provided feedback to management on their strengths, values and weaknesses.  As a result, management has a clear idea of how to incentivize and reward these workers as they reach their high potential. 

·         Authored over 150 pages of curriculum designed for assisting emerging professionals develop and advance their careers.  Additionally, she has designed numerous workshops and seminars designed to educate and refine young workers on professional practices.       

For additional highlights and full bio...

Kathy Lee, MA

Kathy brings a strong global mindset to 30 years of coaching, consulting and training experience in the United States and South Africa to clients who represent diverse nationalities, ethnicities, religions and professions. Her clients include U.S. citizens and expatriates working in the United States from other countries including: China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and others. Her work in corporate, not-for-profit, government, education and healthcare sectors provides a solid foundation in understanding how organizational cultures impact those who work in them and the conscious strategies employees need to succeed in their careers.

Kathy enjoys working with people from diverse cultures and supports them to draw upon and align their choices (professional and personal) with their personal and cultural values and beliefs.

Kathy earned her B.A. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and her M.A. in Sociology from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation.

Key Highlights:

·        Successfully provided coaching to senior manager at top tier U.S. professional services firm ($29B revenue), who was planning to leave the firm. She is from China and works in the U.S. She was a top performer, but was bored and she felt something was missing from her career and life. She identified core values she wished to honor, among them family and access to her own cultural community. We prepared her to negotiate a new position and relocation package closer to her family. We developed a two year strategic career plan with milestones, identified and resolved limiting beliefs and positioned her for partner track. She asked for and was granted a new position in a new location, with increased national visibility, renewed energy, engagement and commitment. The firm retained a top performer and she assigned to an elite national project reserved for top performers.

·         Successfully coached first cadre of thirty African management candidates for South African agricultural development company. All of them graduated and became project managers on development projects. They were often the first in their families to be formally educated beyond secondary school, thereby raising the quality of life for their generation.

For additional highlights and full bio...

 Larry Brower, MPA 

Larry Brower’s expertise in developing managers and executives is based on 30 years of experience in management, leadership, and organizational development.  Simply put, he works to help his client companies, and the managers and leaders who run them, be the best that they can be.  These companies have been in a wide range of industries including banking, financial services, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, education, retailing, defense contracting, telecommunications, energy, and government.

This includes extensive experience in coaching managers and executives for improved effectiveness.  His coaching process includes the following:

      Identification of the competencies and key defining behaviors that are critical for the client’s success

      A customized 360˚ assessment to gather data and measure progress at intervals throughout the process on these key behaviors

      A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help interpret this data and understand the client’s strengths and challenges

      Construction of an Individual Development Plan based on this data

      Extensive individual coaching focused on capitalizing on strengths and addressing critical opportunities for improvement.

Larry's educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, San Francisco State University, and a Master of Public Administration (emphasis in human resource management), California State University, East Bay.  He has also served as adjunct faculty at three colleges and universities at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

A native of Staunton, VA, he is also a former US Army officer, Military Intelligence Branch, and a decorated Vietnam combat veteran.

Key Highlights:

·         Successfully provided coaching to a general manager who had been hired to turn around a hospitality company, raising their performance standards, building a new team, and introducing a new, more business-like culture 

·        Designed and implemented an internal process to train internal coaches in support of the company’s first corporate-level management and leadership development initiative, which was also delivered by us.

For additional highlights and full bio...

Laura Perez, BS, CEC

Laura Perez is a Certified Executive Coach, facilitator, and management consultant with more than 20 years of experience, guiding individuals and organizations toward realizing their fullest potential. In doing so, Laura uses her distinctive style, proven tools, and ground-breaking strategies to help clients achieve personal and professional excellence. Laura unleashes the power and knowledge of both executives and senior-leadership teams to maximize teamwork, enhance leadership skills, effectively manage complex board-level dynamics, and successfully navigate challenging organizational transitions in achieving strategic goals and positive outcomes. Laura works with leaders to help them discover where they want to go and identify the best path to get them there. In doing so, she has worked with some of the most respected business leaders in the medical, construction, high tech, banking and government sectors, nationally and globally including Presidents, CEO’s, and other C-level leaders of these top tier organizations and Fortune 500 companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento Region, Asia, and Europe.

Laura holds dual degrees from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Bachelors in Business Administration. She is also certified from the Institute of Professional Executive Coaches, in addition to being accredited with the Leadership Performance Inventory, Inc.

Key Highlights:

·       Worked with a large company to coach and groom three potential executives to become the next President/successor of the organization. Devised processes to understand each executive’s strengths, values, and leadership capabilities. Coached individual candidates to ensure they understood the business as a whole to comprehend the component of each department, their functions, processes, and departmental best practices. As their trusted advisor, I engaged them in leadership exercises to overcome weaknesses and develop strengths that were identified as important to becoming the successor. I further challenged their assumptions in problem-solving, decision-making, and identifying core issues with known challenges. I provided guidance in transitioning to a leadership role and developing an organizational vision 

·        Coached CFO to improve leadership skills and assist in overcoming weaknesses and developing strengths to secure a position with an aggressive company in the construction industry. Challenges included business collaboration and communication. To focus on these challenges, I provided tools to improve communication techniques, leadership skills in communicating vision and direction, and create accountability. I further challenged the CFO to make organizational business decisions versus making decisions at the departmental level. Improving communication assisted the CFO in getting involved with senior leadership and become a leader in strategic planning, in addition to developing and forming relationships with business partners and the community at large.

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Loida Noriega-Wilson, MHRM

Loida Noriega-Wilson has been a leadership development consultant and coach for ten years.  She has worked for more than 30 years in domestic and international business and management, guiding individuals, teams and corporations to seek innovative ways to fully develop their business potential. “Linking the business strategies of an organization to the performance of their people is critical to our approach.”

Loida was voted Business Leader of the Year for 2001, for Middlesex County, New Jersey.  She has served as Chair of the Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board, Department of Labor for the State of New Jersey.

She holds a Masters Degree from Rutgers University specializing in Business and Human Resources Management and graduated with high honors from the University of South Florida in Political Science. She has served as an adjunct professor at the Russ Berrie Institute at the Cotsakos College of Business, William Patterson University, New Jersey.

Loida is fluent in her native language, Spanish, and is very involved in the historic community in which she lives with her family. 

Key Highlights:

·        Loida’s training with the Integro Leadership Institute has given her a format which insures all aspects of leadership are addressed.  The work of Dr. Ralph Colby, Dr. William Marston,  Dr. William Glasser, Institute for Reality Therapy, Canoga Park, Ca. and Noel Tichy, University of Michigan Business School all figure prominently in her experiences in Leadership Development.  Numerous managers have progressed to senior level positions while working with Loida on their leadership development.   

·        Loida’s work blends building trust, coaching and counseling skills, and increasing engagement and commitment among employees with developing high performing teams and sharing leadership roles.  These personal skills mixed with corporate strategic initiatives have proven highly successful for her clients.  Supporting leaders to leverage best practices and optimize activities that support the business strategy is a key foundational cornerstone.

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Michael W. Davis, CMB

With an extensive background of more than 35 years of  solid and proven business accomplishments, Mike is much sought after as an executive coach, organizational consultant and trusted advisor. Combining business acumen with an empathetic style, he has successfully developed leadership skills and awareness in countless senior level managers and CEO’s across a wide range of industries. While he has focused in financial services, his broad experience extends to pharmaceuticals, technology, software, and professional sports.

 As trusted advisor to leaders with global outreach, he has coached and provided consulting services in enhancing senior management expertise, developing teams globally, board of director competencies, and cognizance in behavioral changes to accommodate challenging business scenarios and the subsequent political realities of business.

 Mike built a successful career in the financial services sector, which culminated as principal founder and CEO of Mason McDuffie Financial Corporation. During his tenure, he presided over growth in the servicing assets to close to 1.5 billion dollars.  There he earned the company recognition as one of the top 10 privately held commercial mortgage banking companies in the United States. He was also selected to serve as President of the Northern California Mortgage Banker’s Association, Board member of the California Mortgage Bankers Association and lecturer at the School of Mortgage Banking.

 He received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley and has taken numerous graduate courses in real estate, finance and management at Cal.

Certifications in organizational behavior include Personnel Decisions International and MRGs’ Leadership Effectiveness Analysis.

 Mike is also in the last phase of earning his Master Coaching Certificate.

 Key Highlights:

·        Mike spent six years as coach and trusted advisor to the CEO, Executive Team and selected managers of a global pharmaceutical company. In that capacity he worked closely with the CEO on critical business challenges including corporate reorganizations, executive team alignment, corporate priorities and other key management initiatives

·        Mike successfully coached a key leader in a professional sports team on developing team dynamics, mentoring throughout the organization and navigating the political realities of professional sports.

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 Rebecca Drake, MA

Rebecca Drake is lauded throughout the US as a highly effective corporate consultant and executive coach to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, Board of Directors and business leaders. She is the “go-to” consultant and leadership coach for companies experiencing rapid growth, cultural adjustments, mergers and acquisitions, shifts in focus, unexpected downsizing and global outreach. 

Having resided in Paris, London and Uganda with extensive stays in Hungary, Italy and Croatia, Ms. Drake brings a keen awareness and practical experience when partnering with leaders who must navigate the intricacies, cultural challenges and uncertainties of a rapidly evolving global market.  Known for her compassionate, clear cut approach to coaching, Ms. Drake assists leaders in exceeding personal expectations while making profound personal and professional shifts. She has coached and trained all levels of management from CEO’s to mid-level management in such industries as manufacturing, banking, medical care, travel, insurance, interior design, building and construction, technology, federal and state prison systems, professional studies, communication and energy.

Ms. Drake holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Montana State University and a Master of Arts in Vocal Performance from San Diego State University. In addition, she has received certification from the Rapport Leadership Institute, the Hoffman Institute, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL/TEFL) and the Summit Organization.

Key Highlights:

 As an Executive Coach, Ms. Drake has supported:

·        The President and CEO of the nation’s largest building industry marketing firm grow the company 250% within four years 

·        One of the US’s largest privately owned bank systems identify and implement a Competency based foundation for bank-wide restructuring and public re-identification

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Reri MacLean, M.Ed., Psy.D.

Dr. Reri MacLean is an executive coach and consultant who helps organizations identify and cultivate talent to develop sustainable, high performance teams.   She provides leadership coaching to the C-suite, VPs and Directors to increase alignment, communication and engagement.  She also partners with the organization’s stakeholders to provide assessment for benchmarking, selection, and succession planning. 

Reri works with senior leaders and high potentials whose territory may be shifting and whose roles and responsibilities are expanding.  She helps leaders assess the context, define expectations and focus their talent to inspire and manage their teams.  

A skilled organizational advisor, MacLean helps clients address the areas where strategies and execution are impeded by competing agendas and behavior. In the process, she accesses neuroscience, systems, emotional intelligence, philosophy and psychology to provide models to ground practical performance. Informed by her client’s strategic imperatives and culture, and known for her uncompromising commitment to provide straight feedback and high value, MacLean’s long-standing clients often seek her perspective as a trusted advisor.

Reri’s Master of Education in Counseling Psychology is from Whitworth College; she obtained a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver and has completed the CPC coursework and requirements through the College of Executive coaching.

Key Highlights:

·    The Founder & CEO and the Executive Leadership team of a $1.4B manufacturing “start up” with organizational assessment and international work to establish aligned leadership and management practices. The results - global standardization of best practices, increased retention of their best, and increased cross functional collaboration - were presented at their yearly Top 50 Executives conference in Banff, Alberta. 

·    The Director, Global Project and Process Engineering for a Berkshire Hathaway company as he transitioned into a new leader role in Europe. The Director and key stakeholders, some of whom had little regard for his approach to Six Sigma efficiency, needed to align their expectations and to communicate more effectively.  The Director transformed the manufacturing process, developed a top notch team and was promoted.

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Richard A. Stamm, Jr., MS

Rick Stamm has been involved in personal and organizational development for over 30 years. His primary focus for much of that time has been teaching and coaching business leaders and training and development professionals in effective methods of deploying behavioral strengths.  His clients span virtually all categories of organizations: manufacturing, Federal State and County government, human services, retail, healthcare, church, university, and more.  This broad spectrum of experience in human behavior provides deep insight into what motivates people and how they lead and develop others.

Rick’s approach to coaching and mentoring others is based on a system of thoughtful questioning during which the subject finds his/her own solutions.

His academic training began with a B.S. in Math and Physics from Albright College.  Later experiences led him to change careers and obtain a Masters Degree in Community Psychology from Penn State University.

Key Highlights:

·         Provided certification training to hundreds of professional trainers and coaches in effectively using the DISC Model of Behavior in their professional practices.

·        Developed the curriculum for the Pa Department of Transportation Leadership Academy for Supervisors and Managers.  Served as a trainer and coach for the Academy and supervised adjunct faculty.

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Robert C. Goodell, MA

Bob Goodell leverages an approach built on a “just in time” learning modelas opposed to a more academic, or “just in case”, learning model.  His coaching approach assumes the path to increased effectiveness as a leader lies in experimenting with new behavior on the job.  Critical to this is the need to identify the desired results and upcoming opportunities, then to try those new approaches to obtain better results.  All of this is done in the context of on-going business activity so that it’s relevant, practical and makes a difference that matters.  Bob’s clients find that once they experience success with the new approach, they are driven to continue to refine that approach and sustain the results without undue reliance on Bob.  Bob has a particular expertise in supporting executives who are facing significant change in their businesses, or need to leverage their leadership style to develop high-performance teams.  Bob is a versatile coach effective in both the C-suite as well as mid-level executives.

Bob has been in private practice as an Executive Coach and Management Consultant for over 12 years.  He is an Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in their MAOB Program. 

Bob received his MA in Applied Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has completed coursework toward his doctorate at Stevens Institute.

 Key Highlights: 

·         The president of a major division of a global manufacturing company sought to transform his leadership team into an aligned high performance unit.  Working with each individual team member, Bob conducted an extensive qualitative 360 degree feedback process.  Additionally, he introduced to the team an organizational culture inventory to measure the existing culture and member descriptions of an ideal culture.  Gaps in these two measures were used to develop leadership initiatives.  In team meetings, he facilitated members sharing insights from their feedback and their professional development plans.  The team was also able to discuss openly and to resolve all the issues that were limiting team performance.  The outcome of this work was an unprecedented degree of collaboration among team members, especially between marketing and manufacturing units.  The business results attest to the contribution this work made. 

·         The President of a private investor group and the CIO of a large financial institution were both newly hired from outside the company.  Bob coached both through the difficult “On-boarding” process and helped them become productive quickly.  In both cases, he conducted qualitative feedback interviews with key stakeholders and helped the clients incorporate the results into their development plans. He also helped them experiment with new behaviors and leadership approaches to build important relationships with their stakeholders.  Each was able to successfully make needed changes in their respective organizations and to gain the respect of their peers.

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Stanlee Phelps, MSW

Stanlee Phelps has served as a key executive in global professional service firms for over 20 years and has distinguished herself in doing Executive Assessment and Coaching with senior executives. She has worked in a wide variety of industries in the public and private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies. Representative clients have been in industries such as engineering/software, biotech, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, auto, aerospace, entertainment and publishing.

Stanlee is a Master Coach as well as mentor for other coaches working on the most challenging assignments. Her coaching style encompasses a strong focus on helping executives and teams meet strategic business goals, while building confidence, emotional intelligence and executive presence.

She earned a B.A. in the Behavioral Sciences from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and earned a M.S.W. in Psychiatric Social Work from Louisiana State University. She is certified in an extensive suite of assessments and is a Master Facilitator for Management Research Group.

Key Highlights:

·         Directed a team of 12 SVP’s, representing different business units, and their EVP in negotiating the most critical strategic leadership practices they would need going forward for the next 2-3 years, with an emphasis on how they could work synergistically across their varied functions.

·         Facilitated the assimilation of a European President/CEO of a global manufacturing company into his first United States based position leading a team of all American senior executives.

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Sue Stevenson, FCIPD 

Sue Stevenson has over 20 years of global business experience in Sales, Marketing, Quality, Internal Communications, Executive Coaching, and Global Human Resource Management – latterly at the SVP level. Her expertise is in guiding and developing talented global leaders through a  partnership of coaching for success. She believes that we all have the capacity and potential to truly thrive. This can be facilitated by stimulating curiosity, creating clarity, and inspiring people to take action for results.

Born in Scotland, Sue has lived and worked in the UK, Australia, Switzerland as well as traveled for business throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, prior to moving to the United States in 2001. She brings a wealth of experience in the navigation of diverse national and organizational cultures. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree, graduate education in psychology and is certified in coaching by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.

Key Highlights:

·         As Senior Vice President, Global HR, at Gerber Products Co., a $2.4 billion global business with 6,000 employees in 25 countries, was responsible for structuring a new global organization while continuing to keep the focus on growing the base business and maintaining the 78% US Market Share. 

·        Successfully facilitated positive, energetic change at the individual, team and organizational level immediately following the merger between Ciba Geigy and Sandoz as Head, Organizational and Leadership Development at Novartis Consumer Health.

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Susan Curtin, MS, CEAP, BCC, MCEC

Susan Curtin draws on two decades of successful internal experience coaching, mentoring & developing managers and leaders and three years as an external consultant. Her coaching work has included leadership development, transition to the next stage of leadership, succession management including work on key competencies such as interpersonal savvy and political acumen. She has also created successful Leadership development programs incorporating leadership competencies, Coaching & Mentoring.

She is known for her tenacity, passion for developing individuals, and her ability to work with others, motivating and inspiring them to carry out the mission and vision of their organization. Ms. Curtin is recognized as a skilled communicator who specializes in facilitating, coaching and training individuals and groups.

Susan holds a Masters degree in Counseling and is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. She created and implemented the first internal Employee Assistance Program for the City of San Diego. She was also the Diversity Project Lead and Program Manager of the successful Diversity Commitment program in the City of San Diego along with working as the first Career Development Program Manager rolling out individual and group mentoring programs. She was the first Training and Development Manager for Health and Human Service Agency, County of San Diego, where she created and implemented their award winning Managers Development Institute. Susan teaches for San Diego University’s Coaching for Organizational Excellence program.

Key Highlights:

·        Created and implemented the first internal Employee Assistance Program, Diversity Distinction Award, Career Development Program for City of San Diego 

·        Implemented and administered the first City of San Diego’s Fellowship Program targeting high potentials

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Sylvia Becker-Hill, Dipl. Ver.w., MA Phil, PCC

Sylvia Becker-Hill – appreciatively called by her clients, “The Lady with the Brain,” is an Executive Change Strategist who specializes in coaching corporate leaders to bring about positive transformative change with lasting results. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, she helps executives transform their leadership, ensuring that they - and their companies - are change champions, not change victims. With 17 years of experience as a German coaching pioneer on both sides of the Atlantic, Sylvia has assisted corporate leaders with everything from post-merger integration and change management to on-site training and conflict resolution. With her extensive education, academic research, professional training, international coaching and real-world experience, Sylvia is uniquely qualified to help her clients create lasting change.

Clients appreciate Sylvia’s knack for conveying complex theoretical information by breaking it down into bite-sized morsels that they can apply to their daily lives. With her help, clients have experienced deep transformation, finding that insurmountable burdens suddenly seem like blessings and “impossible” problems become pathways to opportunities and exciting prospects. Her focus on sustainability of her services makes sure that her clients reap satisfying ROIs over and over again.

She also received her Diploma in Administrative Science from the Fachhochschule des Bundes fuer oeffentliche Verwaltung in Cologne and Dieburg and her Master in Philosophy and Linguistics from the Heinrich-Heine-University in Duesseldorf. Sylvia also became the first German Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation in 2002.   

Key Highlights:

·       Sylvia coached in the US several German expatriate top-executives before mvoing back to Germany, helping them with succession planning, strategic transition and preparing them for their repatriation while empowering them to make the next strategic step in their careers.

·       As part of a revitalization fellow program, Sylvia coached freshly transferred and on-boarded executives around change management issues and their performance goals while they were being under high pressure and faced by challenging hostility while juggling tough deadlines.

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Thomas G. Crane, MBA

Tom Crane is an international consultant, executive coach, facilitator, author, and speaker who specializes in assisting leaders in creating high-performance through the development of high performance coaching cultures. He works with all levels of leaders and their teams to embrace coaching as a primary method of communication designed to enhance both individual and team effectiveness in achieving performance objectives.

Tom’s passion (and book, The Heart of Coaching) is focused on changing a leader's mindset and skillset from “the BOSS OF people” to the mindset of "the COACH FOR people." The premise of the book is that a performance-based, “feedback-rich” coaching culture will more effectively support an organization's business strategy, and lead to higher and more sustainable levels of performance. This book is used extensively in Executive Coaching assignments. 

Prior to founding his own consulting firm in 1995, Tom was vice-president of Senn-Delaney Leadership for eight years and consulted with clients engaged in strategic culture change.  Additionally, he worked in financial planning and project management roles with Solar Turbines, a division of Caterpillar. He has a bachelor degree from Purdue University and an MBA from Drake University. 

Key Highlights: 

·         Coached a Pfizer executive leader and team to create a high performance coaching culture in their division 

·         Developing high performance team leaders with manufacturing team 

·         Successfully developed aero-space firm leadership talent to assume senior roles

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Timi Gleason, MCC

Timi Gleason has been conducting leadership development and executive coaching since 1994.  She specializes in building leadership EQ (emotional intelligence). Timi’s philosophy is to help clients build business acumen and maturity.  She works with clients within a coaching framework that incorporates behavioral data, motivational and work preferences, and a personalized development plan resulting in new skills and accomplishments.  Timi places emphasis on developing professional accountability, learning basic systems thinking as a means to achieving transformational goals and increasing strategic vision.  She often works with leaders to improve their rapport- and network-building skills, business creativity, and intuition.  Timi has over 15 years functional HR leadership experience and another 20 years leadership coaching and hands-on organizational development success.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in (an Interdisciplinary major) Psychology / Sociology / Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Adolescent Psychology.  She is a Master Certified Coach and has additional advanced certifications in Creativity from the University of California, La Jolla; Gold Mastery in Systems Thinking & Strategic Management from the internationally recognized Haines Centre for Strategic Management; community and group mediation certification from the San Diego Mediation Center.  In addition, Timi is certified to administer The Birkman behavioral assessment, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and encourages the use of assessments that measure Influencing Style, Communication Style, and will spark leadership effectiveness.  

Timi has mentor coached clients in Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, South East Asia and regions across the United States.   Timi was raised in the culturally diverse city of San Francisco and has represented culturally and ethically diverse causes: microcredit loans for the poorest of poor (India & Mexico), enterprise development for middle eastern refugees, grass roots credit union management, Rotary International programs as a two-term club President.

Key Highlights: 

·         Timi is known for her successful interventions with (both) troubled individuals and high-risk departments: Late last year, Timi took on a dysfunctional group of a dozen leaders who had lost the respect of their shareholders and peers.  Timi helped them develop team norms, a new desired state and helped them quickly reinvent their group persona.  With Timi’s mentorship they successfully gained renewed support and credibility in a record 180 days as demonstrated in the department Talent Review results.

·    Introduced a new approach to creating meaningful annual development plans, 360s, and evaluations for promotional readiness by aligning developmental opportunities with mastery of specific leadership competencies & success factors (i.e. Coaches and Develops, Promotes Accountability,  Inspires Innovation, Thinks Strategically, Builds Business Acumen, Respects Company Values, etc). Increased employee effectiveness and promotional results immediately by anchoring this formula for success with desired behavior changes.

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